Carter The Great Award

On March 18, 2024, Lord & Lady BlackSword were awarded the Carter The Great Award for their contributions as creators to the Art of Mystery Performing at the Poe’s Magic Convention held in Baltimore.


The BlackSwords, award winning mystery entertainers, will explore those mysteries which, perhaps, ought not to be explored!

Mystery entertaining is the performance art of magic and seance. Through storytelling and stagecraft, the BlackSwords create mystery and wonder in their audience.
Joseph and Kathy serve as officers of the state magic club, Granite State Magicians & Mystery Entertainers, and are members of national and international magic organizations.
Joseph is a trial attorney, family mediator, guardian ad litem, martial arts instructor, and teaches for University of Phoenix Online. Kathy is a retired systems workflow coordinator and a quilter.
Joseph and Kathy perform together as Lord & Lady BlackSword at private affairs and at charitable and civic events.

Bizarre Magick - Theatrical Magic, - Mystery Performing

About Us

Hello Fellow Mages! I’m Joseph Caulfield a/k/a Lord BlackSword.

My wife, Kathy, and I reside in Lyndeborough, NH. I’m the president of the Granite State Magicians, SAM 118, and IBM 166. I am a SAM life member and IBM, Order of Merlin Excelsior. I am also a member of the Inner Circle of Bizarre Magick, Bizarre Magick Italia, and Group That Must Not Be Named.

I am a trial lawyer, certified family mediator, guardian ad litem, martial arts instructor, and I teach online for University of Phoenix.I have always kept a foot in both worlds.In the ‘60s, while attending college, I taught a course entitled “Seminars in the Occult” in which students learned to critically examine various claims of the paranormal, conducted experiments in past life regression hypnosis, visited haunted houses, and attended séances, armed with infrared cameras and various scientific measuring devices.During the ‘70s and ‘80s, I taught an integrative system for self awareness based on the teachings of the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn and Aleister Crowley.
In 1990, I was one of the founders of the Skeptical Inquirers of New England and served as their first Investigations Officer and Legal Officer.In 1991, having studied martial arts since a child, I became the Founder and Chief Instructor of Black Sword Aikido, which combines Japanese and Chinese fighting arts with meditation, breathing exercises and the study of philosophy. It's a pain-compliance art, with many joint locks, throws, and pins.I have published and lectured in the areas of law, mediation, comparative religion, martial arts, and magic.

The type of magic I perform is referred to as Bizarre Magick, Theatrical Magic, or Mystery Performing. Whatever it’s called, it is performing magic in a manner that produces a moment of transcendence and leaves the audience with something much more than “How’d he do it? Oh yeah, mirrors.”